Saburo Takayasu Sensei

Saburo Takayasu Sensei, 7th Dan Shihan is the Chief Instructor and President of the Takemusu Aiki Association Inc. in Australia.  He has lived in Sydney and taught Aikido for more than thirty years.  Takayasu Sensei was born in the Kanto area made famous as the site for many of the Japan’s oldest martial arts schools.  He studied at Ibaraki University and trained at both the university’s Aikido dojo and Iwama Dojo from 1967 to 1973 under the tutelage of his teacher, Morihiro Saito Sensei 9th dan.  He was present at the last class taught by O’Sensei in Iwama in 1969.
With the support of his students, Takayasu Sensei has guided the Takemusu Aiki Association Inc into becoming a strong and active non-profit organisation aimed at teaching and promoting the Aikido taught by O-Sensei at the Iwama Dojo in Australia.  Graded 7th Dan and Shihan, he is a member of the Aikikai and authorised to conduct the grading of students on its behalf.

Takayasu Sensei is actively following Morihiro Saito Sensei’s wish to preserve Aikido the way it was taught to him by O-Sensei and encourages all students and senior instructors to maintain purity of technique and martial spirit.  He believes Aikido training should be strong and martially effective, beneficial and strengthening for the body and mind and at the same time develop the underlying principles of Aiki.

In 2001, Takayasu Sensei returned with his own students to again study with Morihiro Saito Sensei and teach at the Iwama Dojo.