North Sydney

Head Instructor: Roger Gibson Sensei


Head Instructor

Roger Gibson Sensei, 5th Dan

North Sydney Police & Community Youth Club
1st Floor, 224-244 Falcon St, North Sydney

Dojo Contact: Roger Gibson Sensei
Phone: +61 (0)450 337 504


Background: Roger Gibson Sensei moved to Sydney and commenced training in Aikido at the North Sydney Dojo with Saburo Takayasu Sensei and Michael Marelli Sensei in 1987. A professional soldier for many years,  Roger came to Aikido training with a background in Judo, Jiujutsu, Jukado and unarmed combat. Roger continued to train at the North Sydney Dojo until 1996, before moving to Darwin.  Upon returning to Sydney, Roger, together with Mark Wilson Sensei, assumed responsibility for the North Sydney Dojo in 2001. Roger has a continuing interest in traditional martial arts including kenjutsu.

Dojo History: The North Sydney Dojo has been located at the North Sydney Police and Community Youth Club for the last 27 years. It is the original Takemusu Aiki dojo in Sydney, and the place where Saburo Takayasu Sensei first taught Aikido in the way that Morihiro Saito Sensei taught in the Iwama Dojo. After a number of years responsibility for the Dojo was passed to Michael Marelli Sensei, who continued the tradition. Roger and Mark continue the tradition of teaching basic Aikido Aikido technique in this way.

Dojo Philosophy: The North Sydney Dojo concentrates on the teaching of basic techniques and skills as taught by Takayasu Sensei and in the Iwama Dojo by Morihiro Sensei, in taijutsu (empty handed technique), aikibukiwaza (Aikido weapons) and riai (integration of movement, techniques and weapons). It also provides opportunities for newly qualified Black Belts to gain experience instructing in Aikido. All students of Aikido and of any martial art are welcome to train in the Dojo.

Timetable & Fees


Monday7.30 - 9pmGeneral Class
Wednesday7.30- 9pmGeneral Class
Friday7.30 - 8.30pmGeneral Class
Friday6.30 - 7.30pmBeginners Class
Sunday9 - 11amWeapons Class


First Session: Free

Monthly Fee : $100

Concession Monthly Fee: available

Casual Training Fee : $15

Annual Association Fee: $30

Dojo Address:

North Sydney Police & Community Youth Club
1st Floor, 224-244 Falcon St, North Sydney

Dojo Contact: Roger Gibson
Phone: +61 (0)450 337 504

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